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Donavon Isaac, AKA Jukie Tha-KidD, has graduated to be one of the top most crowd pleasing DJs of his time. The Chicago native was surrounded by music artists, DJs, and producers as a child, embracing all of Chicago’s several different genres-- from House and Juke Music to Blues and Hip-hop. Having spent 19 years perfecting his craft, and 10 years as the owner of YB Average Entertainment, his personal growth in talent & marketing skills opened up doors, landing him opportunities in some of the most competitive markets, from LA to Chicago and beyond. Not only is Jukie Tha-KidD an electrifying DJ, he also works in front of the camera as a model & film actor. Since 2013, Jukie’s resumé boasts commercials for Gatorade, The Onion, and Whole foods; TV series such as Empire, Crisis, Chicago PD & the Steve Harvey Show. You may have also seen Jukie performing with The South Shore Drill Team, a member since 2003. With a lifetime of dedication to mastering the art of DJing under his belt, he is now a featured DJ for Chicago Bulls Entertainment, a weekly radio mixer on the iHeartMedia station 107.5 WGCI & a Remy Martin Brand Influncer. Coupled with a plethora of other accolades, Jukie has built successful and lucrative partnerships with some of the city’s top event curators, club owners & internationally known corporations. Jukie Tha-KiDd is not just your typical in-house DJ or entertainer. He is the prime example of hard work, tenacity, and determination, exemplified through his love for the craft.

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