Donavon Isaac, better known as Jukie Tha-KidD, has emerged into one of the top most crowd pleasing DJs of his time. The Chicago native was surrounded by music artist, DJs and, producers as a child, embracing all of Chicago’s several different genres from House and Juke Music to Blues and Hip-hop. At the age of 13, he began formulating beats and rhythms, finding his niche within the art of sound. He then knew it was destined for him to break into this thing called “DJing”. With all the experimenting and practice perfecting the craft, he began to showcase his skill and talent at local events, rocking the house and moving crowds across the city. Jukie established a bell ringing name and recognizable face in the community. At the age of 18, Jukie Tha-KidD began to focus on the marketing and business aspect of the industry, which lead to the idea of launching an entertainment company (Y B Average Ent) that would fulfill all aspects of today’s ever so changing entertainment industry. His growth within his talent & marketing skills opened up doors for the young Dj to land him opportunities in the most competitive markets. Not only does Jukie Tha-KidD enjoy putting on an electrifying DJ performance, he also enjoys working in front of the camera as a model & actor. Since 2013, Jukie has been spotted in commercials for Gatorade, The Onion, Whole foods, Tv series such as Empire, Crisis, Chicago PD & the Steve Harvey Show. You may have also seen Jukie performing with The South Shore Drill Team which he has been a member of since 2003. Jukie Tha-KidD is well on his way, with over 10 years of dedication to mastering the art of DJing under his belt, he is now a featured Dj for Chicago Bulls Entertainment, a weekly radio mixer on the  Iheartmedia station 107.5 WGCI & a Remy Martin brand ambassador. On top of a myriad of accolades, Jukie has built partnerships with some of the city’s top event curators, club owners & internationally known corporations. Jukie Tha-KiDd is not just your typical in-house DJ or entertainer. He is the prime example of hard work, tenacity, and determination, shown through his love for the craft.